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Our vision for the
future: Use our leading
position to further the
conservation of natural

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    Creating a better environment for Australia and New Zealand’s future generations

  • REMONDIS provides high quality environmental services for local municipalities, commercial and industrial customers as well as private individuals. Our company operates within the full circular economy. We offer services at every step of the material life cycle, in the areas of water & waste management as well as recycling services. Furthermore, we are an important provider of high quality raw materials.

  • REMONDIS is a company with more than 35 years of experience in the environmental services sector in Australia and New Zealand. We provide services in the areas of waste management and collections, recycling and the circular economy as well as a full range of services to industry.

    Our company obtained its first municipal contract in Penrith City, New South Wales, in 1982. Since then, our company has seen an impressive development, moving from a logistics operator to a multifaceted waste management and environmental services company.

    Today, REMONDIS has become one of the market leaders in the area of innovative waste management solutions in Australia. Our company offers services to customers of all types, including local government, large-scale corporate and commercial customers and the general public.

REMONDIS’ activities are tailored to the full circular economy

  • Our company’s activities cover the collection, transfer, treatment and recovery of countless substances as well as the production of new raw materials.

    Internationally, REMONDIS is a trusted and sought-after partner within the water management industry. Our company provides services to local councils and municipalities, commercial and industrial customers as well as the general public.

    We are able to build, operate and maintain pipe networks, drinking water processing facilities and sewage treatment plants as well as facilities to treat residual materials. Furthermore, we help to save important resources and bring vital raw materials back into circulation. An example of this is our internationally patented and award-winning REMONDIS TetraPhos® process for recovering phosphorus.

    • As a global leader in the area of recycling, we own and operate sophisticated equipment to carry out the necessary environmental services across a range of industries.

    • For the collection of wastes and recyclables, we use a modern fleet of fuelefficient trucks. In order to treat a wide variety of recyclables, we build and operate state-of-the-art sorting, treatment and composting facilities that allow us to recover most of the materials and to reintroduce them into production cycles. Moreover, our company offers a wide variety of services to both commercial clients and the industry. Amongst many other services, we provide septic pumping services, soil remediation and handling of hazardous materials.

      In the area of energy, we are able to build, operate and maintain some of the largest facilities for the production of both heat and electricity. Amongst others, we produce energy from both biomass and refuse derived fuels.

At REMONDIS, we are of the opinion that no raw material should be discarded

  • Instead, we firmly believe that every piece of material has its role as part of the circular economy. That is why we are one of the global industry leaders in the area of recycling. It is our priority to add value to our customers’ businesses in their respective fields with every service that we offer. To do so, we work tirelessly to recover materials and reintroduce them into the material life cycle.

    • At REMONDIS, we invest substantial amounts of resources in education and R&D, and make significant efforts to find the solutions needed to grow our activities whilst making sure we preserve our environment for future generations.

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