REMONDIS. A Name. A Philosophy.

Can everything that a company stands for be encapsulated in its name? Can its vision, its strategy and its future prospects be summarized in just one word? We have attempted to do this and given the company a name that really suits it: REMONDIS.




The word REMONDIS is a made-up word, a pseudonym. And yet the eight letters represent exactly what the company stands for. RE, the Latin prefix for "back", symbolizes our main area of expertise: feeding materials back into the economic cycle and closing material life cycles. MONDIS refers to the word "mondial" which in many languages means worldwide and encompassing the whole world. Being part of the company name, it describes our global commitment and also our international presence which we shall continue to extend. By combining these two aspects, our name is more than just a word. It is a symbol and a seal of quality for everything that we do.